Selenium – Java

  1. What is Selenium?
  2. Pros and Cons of Selenium
  3. Install Selenium IDE
  4. Test Case creation and execution using Selenium IDE
  5. How to install JAVA
  6. Setting up JAVA_HOME on Windows
  7. Download Eclipse IDE
  8. Launch Eclipse IDE
  9. Create first Java project in Eclipse IDE
  10. What is Firebug and How to Install Firebug on Firefox
  11. How to use Firebug?
  12. Java code to retrieve the Operating System (OS) name and User Directory
  13. Java code to check if file exists or not
  14. Java code to check if folder (or directory) exists or not
  15. Java code to generate Random Number
  16. Java code to generate unique ID using GUID algorithm
  17. Generate HTML file from XML and XSL using JAVA